Slide DIRECT Wayfinding is an effective way to guide people through complex
environments such as malls, healthcare facilities, educational
campuses, government facilities and office buildings.
Interactive Digital Kiosks - Wayfinding Interactive Digital Kiosks - Wayfinding 2
Slide COMMUNICATION With digital signage, you now have the ability to consistently and effectively
communicate with your employees regardless of office size or number
of locations.
Interactive Digital Kiosks - Corporate Communications Corporate Communications Interactive Kiosk
Slide INFORM Interactive Digital Kiosks - POP POP Interactive Signage Interact with your audience in the most effective way by displaying
relevant up to date data for promotions and events.
Slide PROMOTE Promote Promote Creating a digitally immersive shopping experience begins when a
shopper first walks into your retail location.
Slide DIGITAL MENUS A digital menu board gives you better control of your content and brand.
It also can point out featured items, best sellers and daily specials.
Interactive Digital Kiosks - Menu Board Interactive Digital Kiosks - Menu Board2

HumanKIOSK Digital Kiosks

HumanKIOSK is a line of smartly designed interactive Digital Kiosks that come in many styles and configurations that are sure to meet the communication goals for many industries. Behind the scenes, our Digital Kiosks are commercial grade and supported by a team of passionate and experienced professionals.

HumanKIOSK Interactive Kiosks fit beautifully into many different scenarios to create a memorable user experience. Help visitors find where they need to go quickly and easily with an interactive Wayfinding experience. Enable simple to use yet dynamic self-ordering systems for restaurant and retail environments. Create engaging and immersive learning systems to educate staff, customers or visitors. By integrating our powerful, real-time video chat platform, Video Presence, you can take your in-field customer service to the next level. The possibilities are endless.

Using Digital Kiosks can strengthen customer loyalty, enhance brand awareness, streamline processes and even become revenue generating by including third party advertisements. Take advantage of our experience to help you create the best possibly experience and get the results you are looking for. And if you don’t have a Content Management System (CMS) to manage the content on your Digital Kiosks, we offer a cloud-based platform that can do it all right from a browser, anywhere in the world.


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Digital Kiosk Industries



Digital kiosks enable an immersive and creative customer experience >>


Digital kiosks increase profits and customer satisfaction >>


Digital Kiosks will save costs, increase building efficiencies and guest satisfaction >>


Interactive Digital Kiosks can enhance a company’s vision and culture >>
Trade Shows


Digital kiosks will get you noticed and clearly communicate your message >>


Interactive kiosk, provide students access to a wide range of useful information in a way that is already familiar to them; interactive, touch displays >>


Digital kiosks educate customers and reduce perceived wait times >>


Improve patient satisfaction by providing a more convenient way of checking-in >>

Our new line of interactive kiosks are built for 24 hour a day, 7 day a week operation.


A complete line of kiosks for your every need.


Commercial Grade kiosks

Interactive kiosk that are built for the rigors of 24/7 use, so you stay up and running.


All interactive kiosks have available casters for easy relocation.

Cellular Connectivity

We utilize commercial cellular routers to ensure your connection stays up.


We supply everything you need to make the installation quick, tidy and secure.

Training & Support

Our team of Specialists in our R&D facilities are ready to help you when you need it.


Adding digital signage is a great way to increase brand awareness and increases customer engagement. If you are looking to start or expand on your visual communication needs, please send us an email or give us a call.